Who Decides Where Your Tax Money Goes?

What is income tax considered to be when it becomes extremely high?

Complaints about what the taxpayer considers are unfair practices of taxation are nothing new, and they generally stem more from how the tax money is spent than from the actual taxes themselves.

Humor and Taxes

The newspaper cartoon was once an outlet for complaints about taxation. In one memorable drawing from the early 20th century, a beggar is thanking a man for giving him a handout. There are three people in the scene, and the third is a well to do aristocrat. He is complaining because the person giving the money away to the beggar is taking it from his pocket.

Taxes began in part as tithing or giving back a portion of what was graciously received, and the giver was more in control of where that ten percent of his income went. Generally, the church gave to those who needed it, and the tithe was instrumented by those who paid it. This simple solution made the giving much easier.

Government Tax Control When governments control the taxes, the person paying is taken pretty much out of the loop to say where his contribution goes. This is why it has always been difficult to make everyone happy with taxation. In colonial America, no one liked paying England tax money because they received nothing in return for it. “Taxation without representation” was the cry that rang across the budding nation.

Although citizens have the inalienable right to vote for the men and women who will earmark where the tax money is spent, it often appears that there is little control from the taxpayer end. The closer the money is spent from where it is collected, the happier the taxpayer is, but of course that can’t always be the case. If you ask almost any adult in the U.S. how they feel about the way taxes are spent at the national level, the answer is generally that too much is spent in one area and too little in another. When millions of people are responsible for electing a single official, it isn’t possible for that politician to please each of them regarding how their tax money is spent. Not only does the representative have a difficult time following the desires of all those voters who were responsible for their election, designating where money goes is a complicated process of getting other elected officials to vote the same way. In the final analysis, no one claims responsibility and no one takes the blame, at least according to theory.

Still the democratic process is the best system of representation by government, and politicians who want to remain in office must address the people’s concerns of how tax money is spent or they won’t get reelected.

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Steps to Become a Calgary Real Estate Agent

Do you have a desire to become a real estate agent in Calgary? If so, first of all there are a few factors you need to track down. The agents are independent business people who work under the supervision of licensed brokers. These real estate brokers represent the clients, who are involved in the sale or purchase of a real property. Within few years there would be a rising demand for Calgary houses which in turn may lead to a demand for agents too. Currently, the real estate field provides a number of job opportunities.

Eligibility criteria:

In order to become a real estate agent in Calgary, the basic qualification is that you should have achieved a minimum of a Canadian high school diploma or equivalent. You must be at least 18 years of age and not less than that. Secondly, you should have successfully completed the licensing education that is, the Real Estate Associates Program (REAP). You should have also successfully completed the provincial qualifying exam. The next thing is that you must be an eligible member at the Calgary Real estate board (CREB). You also need to hold a sponsorship of a licensed brokerage. And finally, you should not have been indulged into any crime. You should have a clear and certified criminal record check. These are the professional eligibilities you need to have to become an agent. With these qualifications you can turn into a Calgary real estate agent.

But besides the professional eligibility criteria given above, an agent should possess the following skills to survive in this profession.

– Real Estate License: You need to have your license in this field. With the above professional qualifications, you can get a license.

– Strong work ethic: This is the major thing a real estate agent must have. You could experience several ups and downs in this field. Hence it is very much important to beware of the trends and work accordingly.

– Personable, Outgoing personality: You need to be friendly and adjustable with your clients. Make sure that they get satisfy with your work.

– Financial stability: Next important thing is that you should be financially stable. Since the market could witness any change anytime it is safer to be take care of your financial expenses.

– You should have the willingness to work on non-traditional hours also. Only this could keep your clients trust you.

– To become an efficient agent, you must also have the willingness to learn and the ability to listen.

– Self-motivation: This yet another skill you need to have. As mentioned earlier, real estate field could experience a blow at anytime. Under such situations motivate yourself, which helps you to come up from such situations.

– Ethical and honest: Be honest to the clients who trust you.

This is clearly a commission based career. Hence the only thing you need to consider is to equip yourself well with the best resources, to stand out of the rest in the competition.

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has evolved in a way that no one could have anticipated a mere few years back.

As such, there are no real rules to follow in digital marketing.

The reason why this is true is because digital marketing in itself is very fast. Trends change in a matter of hours instead of months and ideas can become obsolete if looked at in the same way as traditional marketing.

However, the most important exception to digital marketing is the fact that since the whole idea is open to anyone and can be based on a very small budget; your idea may get out-dated or used up unless you act fast.

So, in case you are thinking of starting with digital marketing, here are a few handy tips which we hope will help you make the process smoother:



Research in the form of opinions, collate data from social networks and look around. Recent trends can help with the process a lot easier.

Web Analytics and Search Engine Analysis

This is a specialized kind of research. If you do not know what the terms mean, you should look them up before moving forward because they are the 2 most important pillars on which every digital marketing company is built.

Email & Affiliate Marketing

You can easily imagine what email marketing is. In short, it is promoting your website through emails, enticing potential customers to come visit with rewards. Affiliate marketing is another model, wherein you reward the people who come to visit with each visit. Initial traffic building is usually dependent on these methods.

Mobile marketing

Branching from web marketing to mobile marketing is one of the most lucrative sectors. The potential for mobile marketing is so high that it is poised to outstrip web marketing very soon. Be ready for the transition when you feel the time is right.


Don’t be too fast

While speed is indeed of the essence to capitalize on emerging markets, it is essential to be patient at times too. Try to see the bigger picture. For example, there are a LOT of social websites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc. try to decide what kind of clientele you wish to focus on and decide on a few of these accordingly to advertise. Trying all of them together is a sure shot way to failure.

Don’t be stingy on Development

A good uncluttered website is the first mark of a good e retailer. Do not skip out by hiring cheap developers as it may become a real problem later on.

Don’t be stagnant

Change is the very first thing you learn. Be ready to constantly update your site with SEO related terms and keep testing whenever possible. Code can get cluttered very fast if left to itself.

Don’t follow the crowd

You are there specifically because you are bringing something new to the table. Do not follow everyone else. Define your own rules and stick by them.

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A Guide To Getting Bad Credit Private Student Loans

More often than not, students overlook the importance of the money received from student loans and sometimes misuse or invest in unprofitable activities Almost always, such students face many problems which they had never foreseen, problems like default in repayment of loans, struggling to maintain credit score and losing respect. You must never forget that you may need another loan even after completing studies. Post-studies, there are many reasons and occasions which are good candidates for loans like home mortgage, home equity loan, auto loan and more. Your credit score can hit a nadir right at the start of your career if you have defaulted on student loan repayment or for that matter delayed repaying your student loan. Bad credit score is sort of incurable decease.

Always remember to be very careful about your credit score. And do not despair if you are in dire need of another loan to buy a laptop for your studies. You can always get a loan with the help of bad credit private student loan. Under this scheme student with a bad credit rating can seek a loan from those private firms that provide such students with loans. Normally firms who deal with such loans charge a very high interest rates and monthly payments. You eventually end up paying twice or more than what you took. Learn to protect you credit score and credit rating – always remember to pay on time and never take any unnecessary loans.

Bear in mind taking another loan while having a bad credit rating should be your last alternative and you should do everything to avoid it. Qualifying for a loan with a bad credit rating is another separate issue. Everyone with a bad credit rating does not, by default, qualify for a second or third loan. All those companies that specialize in bad credit loans, look at your parent’s credit scores as well,in order to make an assessment before approving you for a loan.

Interested, visit here – bad credit student loans [http://finance-mortgage-credit.info/bad-credit-student-loans.html] – so that you can get a better insight and also all resources at one place.

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